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      2. HuBei ChengLi

        Cheng Li vocational school
        Cheng Li pressure vessel AG
        The trucks international station

        Cheng Li sanitation truck factory
        Cheng Li tanker factory
        Cheng Li Chemical Equipment Factory
        Truck crane factory Cheng Li
        Cheng Li mixer factory
        Cheng Li pressure vessel factory
        Cheng Li trailer factory
        Cheng Li altitude car factory
        Cheng Li International Trade Branch
        ChengLi Special Automobile Co.,Ltd, which is appointed by the Development and Reform Committee of China ,is a famous manufacturer producing all kinds of special trucks for Municipal &environmental construction, virescence, petrol & medicals, container. Semi-trailer. Labels registered include CLW and SNJ. Our company has independable export potence, and has a mount of clients overseas. Our leading varieties include more than 100 types of trucks such as Water truck, Fecal suction truck, Garbage truck, Refuse compactor, Sewage suction truck, Fuel tank, High-altitude operation truck, Truck with crane, Dump truck, Instructional truck, Van truck, Semi-trailer, Fire engine, Spares, Refrigerator truck, Water wagon, Tractor, High-altitude water truck, Bulk cement truck, Chemical liquid truck, Concrete mixer truck, ect.[ Details ]

        Promotion summ

         HuBei ChengLi Special Automobile Co,Ltd
         Australian expert group make a special t
         HuBei ChengLi Special Automobile Co.,Ltd
         Dongfneg-ChengLi mark was chose as the s
         HuBei ChengLi Special Automobile Co.,Ltd
         Automobile production export will acquir

         The ChengLi tanker truck export to Iraq
         Pakistan guest come to our factory to vi
         The General Manager,Mr Wale,come to our
         The General Manager of Sebas Company in
         Japanese client orders two garbage truck
         The Honorary Consul of the Gambia Consul
         dongfeng exporting authorized enterprise will be p
         Dongfeng Motor Co. accord to law and law populariz
         Dongfeng Tianlong the beginning of mass-market
         High temperature leave the company after the succe
         Dongfeng buses and natural gas leading the domesti
         Dongfeng Motor: The industry will soon be soaring
         The define of Special Purpose Vehicles
          Dongfeng Crazy Soldier
          The Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturing Industry rep
         Most listed automakers report better-than-expected
         China¨s auto output, sales both to hit record 9m u
         Car Makers Told to Build Brands
        Foton hig


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        Well-known landscape, petrochemical, municipal sanitation, pressure vessels, special vehicle manufacturers.
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